10,000 transformations and counting.

Discover the 5-Step Process Used by the Top 1% of Small and Mid-Size Firms to Earn High-Profit Engagements



I wasn't making money.

“The hours were long and I wasn't making money. I was on the brink of closing my practice. Center for Enlightened Business showed me how to bring in $264,000 of business in about 8 weeks.”

~ Patricia Ellington, APA

I was taking the wrong approach.

“Center for Enlightened business helped me grow my revenue and increase my realization rates by 10x.”

~ Jolene Loos, CPA

My tax clients were a headache.

"My tax clients were a headache. With help from Center for Enlightened Business I was able to re-envision and redesign my practice and my life into one that better suits me and my clients."

~ Steve Hedden, CPA

"I thought that [my clients] would think my price was too high. I thought they wouldn't be interested in the level of help I was offering to give them...I was wrong in almost every case."

Maddie Lewis, Lewis Representation


Tressa Heath, Heath CPA & Associates

Two conversations turned into $6,500/mo. Transitioned 8 clients to monthly retainers adding thousands to her firm’s bottom line.

Joey Love, Love Low Taxes

“Previously, my hourly take home rate was $27 and I worked 100-hour weeks. After joining the program, I fired two thirds of my clients, increased revenue by 49.38% and work 40 hours or less a week.”

Jodie Heal, Heal Accounting

Increased her hourly realization rate from under $30/hr. to $500/hr. Is now generating a monthly retainer income of $12,500.

Deanna Davies, Davies & Associates

Accountant who grew into the CEO of a firm with a number of advisors underneath her. Had a practice that was once worth very little and recently sold it for millions.

Don Leininger, LeiningerCPA

Don boosted his firm's revenue by $36,000 PER MONTH ($432,000/yr.) from 6 clients. "The same client who was complaining at $3K/yr. was happy to pay me $30K/yr.

Steve Hedden, CPA, CGMA

Acquired so much advisory work in just two days he was able to free himself of compliance work completely.

"It was just having to upgrade my mindset...using all my experience and letting go of those [safety] bars in order to provide more value to my clients...and be compensated. That was the biggest thing."

Lydia Desnoyers, DesCPA


Discover the 5-Step Process Used by the Top 1% of Small and Mid-Size Firms to Earn High-Profit Engagements