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Discover the 5-Step Process Used by the Top 1% of Small and Mid-Size Firms to Earn High-Profit Engagements



Had enough
of the grind?

Join our experts and a community of your peers so you can:

  • Attract highly profitable monthly engagements
  • Deliver more value to clients
  • Grow your practice
  • Get your time back and enjoy life again

The Ultimate Practice Growth System

Developed by firm owners for firm owners.

Most independent firm owners and accountants have it wrong. When it comes to running and growing their practices, they are:

Working way too hard

Putting in too many hours

Getting paid too little

We know.

Our company was founded by an accounting firm owner and we’ve guided more than 10,000 accountants for over a quarter century to building dream practices that empower and transform their lives.

We’ve seen firsthand the toll that running a practice the wrong way takes on accountants.

Grinding out long hours often six and even seven days a week. Becoming commodity “bean counters” instead of… highly valued professionals.

Dealing with high-maintenance clients who pay you less than you're worth but expect Cadillac service. Becoming strangers to their spouses and their kids - wondering what it’s all for.

Because being an accountant was supposed to bring happiness and satisfaction. Now, it’s just slaving away at a “job” that’s no longer serving your life.

The good news is…

There is a simple solution. You just have to know the proven practice growth system used by the Top 1% of small to mid-size firms.

This is the key to getting back control of your practice, your time and your life. It allows you to:

  • Attract ideal clients
  • Do the kind of work you love
  • Offer high-value services that make a difference
  • Earn four and five-figure monthly retainers
  • Reduce work hours to a manageable amount

All of this is possible, and you’ll see how when you...WATCH OUR FREE MASTERCLASS

Once you learn to make a few simple shifts, you can enjoy truly satisfying and lasting success.

FACT: On average, our clients see a 5-10x increase in their realization rates

Doubling revenue to $400,000/Yr.

"Working 30 hours a week, I am closer to the $400,000 mark a year, almost doubling my revenue."


$12,500/Mo. increase

After applying our growth system, Jodie generated a retainer valued at $12,500/mo. from a single client. Her hourly realization rates have also grown from $30 to $500 PER HOUR.


6 clients, $36,000/Mo.

Don boosted his firm's revenue by $36,000 PER MONTH ($432,000/yr.) from 6 clients.

"The same client who was complaining at $3K/yr. was happy to pay me $30K/yr."


Look, the real problem is quite obvious. You’re offering commodity services that pay low fees. Which means, you need lots of clients for the numbers to pan out.

Tax preparation and compliance services don’t command premium fees. So, you have to work your fingers to the bone to make any real money.

And it’s not your fault that you’ve been relying on this antiquated model. Because for over 100 years that’s what the industry has crammed down our throats.

But that model is not sustainable and, in fact…is no longer viable, either.

The right system for growing a practice.

The best way to grow an accounting practice in today’s economy is…By providing premium priced services that pay you on a monthly retainer basis.

And there’s never been a better time to get started than now.

Business advisory services open new opportunities for CPAs

"Many [CPA firms] are expanding into business advisory services. This can provide great opportunities for growth..."


Cashing in on business advisory services

"The American Institute of CPAs, state CPA societies, software vendors and consultants have been advocating for firms to move out of transactional work and into value-priced advisory services for years."


The opportunity is out there

"Moving to advisory services will benefit your firm and your clients. 93% of small businesses value accountants as their source of business advice..."


But, you need to do it the right way. Because if you try to solve the right problem in the wrong way - You’ll end up in the same place…or WORSE.

If you’d like to learn about the proven process to adding premium-fee services and grow your accounting practice systematically and sustainably...I invite you to WATCH OUR FREE MASTERCLASS

Welcome to Center for Enlightened Business,

Joey Love, Love Low Taxes

“Previously, my hourly take home rate was $27 and I worked 100-hour weeks. After joining the program, I fired two thirds of my clients, increased revenue by 49.38% and work 40 hours or less a week.”

How It Works

Step 1

Watch a free masterclass.

Step 2

Attend a free one-on-one strategy session.

Step 3

Learn the strategies to building your dream practice.

More Than Concepts

Learn the exact growth strategies used by more than 10,000 firm owners like you. Experts will guide you in mastering crucial techniques so you can:


Attract high value clients. Learn the exact, predictable process to find and bring on 3, 5, and even 10 new ideal clients. Just one of these clients can be worth up to six-figures per year.


Get paid what you're worth. Realize your value and how much you should be making per month, per client. Making any less is likely destroying your chances of real growth, fulfillment, and enjoyment.


Grow your firm. Master a tested and proven selling method used by more than 10,000 firm owners over the past 25 years to earn premium fees in any economic climate.


Deliver high-profit engagements. Discover the step-by-step system for delivering high-profit monthly work. Understand how to deliver premium priced services clients want.

Real Success

I wasn't making money.

“The hours were long and I wasn't making money. I was on the brink of closing my practice. Center for Enlightened Business showed me how to bring in $264,000 of business in about 8 weeks.”

~ Patricia Ellington, APA

I was taking the wrong approach.

"Center for Enlightened business helped me grow my revenue and increase my realization rates by 10x.

~ Jolene Loos, CPA

My tax clients were a headache.

“My tax clients were a headache. With help from Center for Enlightened Business I was able to re-envision and redesign my practice and my life into one that better suits me and my clients.”

~ Steve Hedden, CPA



Discover the 5-Step Process Used by the Top 1% of Small and Mid-Size Firms to Earn High-Profit Engagements