High-Profit Engagements

Join Matt Solomon, CEO of Center for Enlightened Business and learn the 5-Step System used by the Top 1% of Small and Mid-Size firms to 10X Realization Rates by Attracting $3,000 - $15,000/Month Clients


Don't waste another minute. Learn the proven 5-Step System now.


John Donley, CPA

"One of the most knowledgeable industry experts when it comes to attracting high value clients. This webinar was a wealth of information. You could be costing your self hundreds of thousands of dollars if you don't watch it."

Cathy Anderson, EA

“Outstanding webinar on something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I will be watching the replay again."

Robert Matzelle, CPA

"Great information from a knowledgeable presenter on how to truly increase your firm's profitability."

What You Will Learn In This Free Masterclass

Attend this special training and discover how to:

  • Attract clients who pay four and five-figure monthly retainers…
  • Offer high-value services that command premium pricing…
  • Turn the tables on the industry status quo and get paid what you’re worth
  • Avoid the "Client Advisory Services" trap that leads to disaster…
  • Flip price-sensitive prospects into eager high-fee clients
  • Over-deliver the services you promise and reap the rich rewards…
  • Increase your realization rates by up to 10X and freeing up tons of time…
  • Grow an accounting practice the right way in the current economy.

A Revolutionary Process For Growing An Accounting Practice 

$12,500/Mo. Increase

After applying the CEB practice growth system, Jodie Heal, CPA is generating a monthly retainer income of $12,500. Her hourly realization rate shot up from under $30/hr. to $500 PER HOUR."

Jodie Heal of Heal Accounting

$10,500/Mo. Revenue Boost

From over worked and under paid to increasing his fees by 400%. Adding an extra $126,000/Yr. to his personal income. “Our realization rates went from $27/hr. up to $600/hr.

Joey Love of Love Low Taxes

6 Clients, $36,000/Mo.

Don boosted his firm’s revenue by $36,000/mo. from 6 clients. That’s an annualize $432,000. And $1,296,000 over 3 years.

“The same client who was complaining at $3K/Yr. was happy to pay me $30K/Yr.”

Don Leininger of LeiningerCPA